Keeping Busy Jan-Feb 2009

The foundation for the first Indian Wine School has been laid and work is on at break-neck speed. No stone has been left unturned to acquire the best possible material and equipment for the institute. Excitement at Wi-Not is at an all-time and constantly rising high but we will still hold our silence before an unveil. Keep an eye out for http://www.iwbs.in

On another note, the Wi-Not family is growing and is happy to welcome Gagan Sharma as its latest sommelier trainer and resource. Gagan is a young vino who has just returned from Australia and joined Wi-Not. He can be reached at gagan@wi-not.biz.

Pulltex, the brand of wine accessories imported by Wi-Not is growing fast, and how! The products are finding wide acceptance amongst consumers and trade and should soon comb the country through extensive retail distrbution as also through hotel tie-ups. You may request a catalogue or order directly here.

From Korean wine events to some South African tastings and dinners, from Californian boutique presentations to wine and cheese soirees; a lot of wine-centric events are being planned here at Wi-Not and if you wish to be kept in the loop, please leave your email behind and we shall gladly add you to our list.


About the Author

Wi-Not is India’s only professionally qualified and managed Wine & Beverage Solutions Company. We are a collective of wine and beverage professionals who are united in our belief that all drinks are special, and different, and consequently need to be presented and marketed uniquely so. The best of brands need the best of plans and that is what we do. The Wi-Not team comprises young certified and experienced professionals who have spent a considerable amount of time working in the field of beverages and especially wine, both in India and abroad (and are still young enough to resonate with the pulse of our burgeoning market!) Big words, but the principle behind all our work and efforts is simply this: You can create a brand over and over again but unfortunately you can kill it only once!

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