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The main reason why wine remains a scarce commodity in India is because, outside of work, even we, as consumers, get to see little of it. The other more concerning trouble with wine consumer events is that they tend to be extremely boring: snooty gatherings of people on the verge of catatonia. We at Wi-Not not only abhor those but make a constant and conscious effort to do things, let’s just say, differently. So, south Indian food with Italian wines, beer tastings and food pairings, single malt food matchings, blind tastings, cheese and wine soirées minus the attitude, or just a basic wine appreciation session – whatever tickles your fanciful palate, we can and will cater to it.Consumer events


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Wi-Not is India’s only professionally qualified and managed Wine & Beverage Solutions Company. We are a collective of wine and beverage professionals who are united in our belief that all drinks are special, and different, and consequently need to be presented and marketed uniquely so. The best of brands need the best of plans and that is what we do. The Wi-Not team comprises young certified and experienced professionals who have spent a considerable amount of time working in the field of beverages and especially wine, both in India and abroad (and are still young enough to resonate with the pulse of our burgeoning market!) Big words, but the principle behind all our work and efforts is simply this: You can create a brand over and over again but unfortunately you can kill it only once!

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