Pulltex Decanter And Glass Cleaner

Pulltex Wine Decanter Cleaner in IndiaPulltex Wine Glass Cleaner in India

With cloth and fingers hard to reach to the bottom and every corner of the glassware and decanters, cleaning them is a mess. This Pulltex product allows perfect cleaning and drying. Its flexible body that adapts to any shape, cleaning every part of your glasses and decanters is easy. They are dishwasher safe too. Comes in an attractive gift box packing.


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Wi-Not is India’s only professionally qualified and managed Wine & Beverage Solutions Company. We are a collective of wine and beverage professionals who are united in our belief that all drinks are special, and different, and consequently need to be presented and marketed uniquely so. The best of brands need the best of plans and that is what we do. The Wi-Not team comprises young certified and experienced professionals who have spent a considerable amount of time working in the field of beverages and especially wine, both in India and abroad (and are still young enough to resonate with the pulse of our burgeoning market!) Big words, but the principle behind all our work and efforts is simply this: You can create a brand over and over again but unfortunately you can kill it only once!

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