Wine Trainings & Familiarisation Masterclass

WINE TRAINING FAMILIARISATION MASTERCLASSUnless someone manages to come up with talking labels, wines will not sell themselves just yet. The amount of revenue that may be locked up in wine stocks in an average outlet is serious, thus making stock movement a dire and constant requirement. Wine training is the singular most effective way to ensure this and here is what we can do for you in this regard.

The suggested plan always is to put in place a system of training which is:

  • Efficient in its communication
  • Coherent in its message
  • Periodic and constant for a deeper impact
  • Provides value for money

The following topics are normally covered during the course of our training modules which can be from a few hours one day to longer more intense sessions spread over anything from 3 days to a week.

  1. Wine styles – categorization, distinction, grouping
  2. Winemaking – definition, viticulture and vinification basics
  3. Wine tasting and commenting – writing tasting notes, sales pitch and sensorial analysis
  4. Wine grapes: typicities, wines and regions of cultivation
  5. Wine service – taking orders, presentation, opening a bottle, tasting, serving
  6. Pronunciation – wine terms, grapes, regions, wine styles
  7. Wine vocabulary – words to describe wines, tasting terminology
  8. Reading wine labels – Old & New World wines
  9. Health, safety and legal issues
  10. Wine and food pairing – theory and practical exercise with examples from regional Indian as well as other international cuisines
  11. Upselling – improving wine sales quality
  12. Wine storage – ordering, stocking and moving wine within a property
  13. Wine-list engineering – compiling a list keeping in mind range and variety, price brackets, client profileWine Training & Familiarisation Masterclass
  14. Final Test – blind tasting exercise, oral exercise

Wine Training and Familiarisation MasterclassThe above-mentioned topics comprise the basic training modules where the depth of study depends on the length of the training. The sessions often get modified depending on various factors – class awareness levels and outlet-specific needs.

Further levels comprise of region-specific trainings and tastings and more in-depth pairing exercises.

We can always create modules as per your specific needs so do get in touch.


About the Author

Wi-Not is India’s only professionally qualified and managed Wine & Beverage Solutions Company. We are a collective of wine and beverage professionals who are united in our belief that all drinks are special, and different, and consequently need to be presented and marketed uniquely so. The best of brands need the best of plans and that is what we do. The Wi-Not team comprises young certified and experienced professionals who have spent a considerable amount of time working in the field of beverages and especially wine, both in India and abroad (and are still young enough to resonate with the pulse of our burgeoning market!) Big words, but the principle behind all our work and efforts is simply this: You can create a brand over and over again but unfortunately you can kill it only once!

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