Wine, Women, and Wine-Clubs

Wine clubs today are like termites, coming up in the country out of the wood work, spreading almost like a crop of infected mushrooms. But sadly not all of them are so utterly hallucinogenic. Recently another one made its footprint appear and time will show how this one matures. However, this one was just that wee little bit extra special. Why? Because it happened to be Delhi’s first-of-its-kind exclusively-for-ladies wine club and it was formally launched on the 21st of December 2009 at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi and the hotel team did a great job of it. The club has been christened ‘W-Factor’.  Headed by designer and socialite Ms. Kanchan R. Kapoor, the club involves a vast community of women who wish to indulge in wine and similar lifestyle-related experiences. W-Factor will cater to these women and many others such, bringing them closer not only to the wine-drinking culture but also to art and fashion.

The afternoon was studded with beautiful women among who, the timeless and bedazzling Ms. Zeenat Aman. To launch this unique wine endeavour, Ms. Kapoor had organised a fashion show and a guided tasting of a few wines for her discerning members. Mr. Vikash Gupta and Mr. Anand Khattar, owners of Vin’ Opera (Opera Wines) supported and sponsored the event with their beautiful range of Italian beauties and this time, we mean wines. Wi-Not sommelier Gurjit Singh Barry hosted a guided tasting of the Vin’ Opera wine offerings and enlightened the ladies about the finer aspects and nuances of wine tasting. The range included a refreshing white Pignoletto, a sturdy-yet-fruity Sangiovese and a red, sweet, semi-sparkling, ‘fun-wine’ Lambrusco. The club is also supported by Zoya diamond jewellery, a leading women fashion jewellery giants Tanishq, Faces, the make-up company of Canada, and Tathaastu, a cosmetic company producing natural and herbal products.

The club is planning to offer many such afternoons for its members on a bi-monthly basis. The evenings will introduce women-members to supper-theatres, international artists’ performances, haute-couture expos, jazz evenings, gourmet food sessions as also with appreciation of fine wines. Members will also be taken on vineyards trip to Sula Vineyards in Nasik and to the Napa Valley, California on the vintage Napa Valley Wine Train.

Opening of such exclusive wine clubs could herald the new dawn: the awakening of women to the international wine-drinking culture. These discerning women have now taken a leap to initiate what could soon become an epitome of lifestyle and luxury statement in society. Here at Wi-Not we raise a toast to W-Factor and their efforts – may we be the only fortunate men to be a legitimate part of more such pretty gatherings.


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Gagan is much like a young wine in many senses; you have to spend time with him before he opens up. A certified wine expert and mixologist, Gagan pursued his love for beverages Down under, doing his Masters in Hospitality Management (specialising in wines) from Victoria University, Melbourne. He reserves a soft corner for Australian reds, German Rieslings and Gewürztraminer. As much as he loves to experiment with new cuisines, he also has a taste for adventure – paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, skydiving and playing squash. His interests include blogging, back to back movie spree, cooking for self and travelling. He is a music-fanatic and loves being left alone with his PSP. Beef steak and wine rate high on his agenda as also does a Bourbon and cola.

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  1. sarah says:

    please let me know how one can join such clubs?

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