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Boys love their toys, be it their smart-phones, i-whichever, mp3 players, or even something as groovy as an X-Box (or PS3). The first person in the queue for the new iPad2 was a banker gentleman. No surprises there! But what distinguishes one from another is what applications and widgets these gadgets are loaded with. They surely are an easy and a convenient way of learning. In that race, India got its first wine app (for the iPhone) deconstructing what to most seems to be a rather entangling subject. Finally, something really innovative, fun, and quirky.

Sopexa India, marketing subsidiary for the French Ministry for Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries in India, unveiled a really easy and useful application for iPhones. This free app is easily the most animated way of gaining gyan about French wines in India. From grape varieties, to regions and their interactive maps, food and wine matches to tasting notes, it is a simple one-stop-solution. One can also put up their personalised wish-list using the app, insert personalised tasting notes, reviews, suggested food matches, and what not. It even tells you what to buy for special occasions. However, the craziest feature about the whole program is that it also suggests which French wine to have for your day-to-day mood swings. Now that’s really pro-active! It is a brave and an intelligent start for making wine-learning and ordering easy. Be a novice or a pro, no one will shy off from carrying it as a reference tool. It literally is a French wine advisor in your pocket, provided you use an iPhone, of course.


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Gagan is much like a young wine in many senses; you have to spend time with him before he opens up. A certified wine expert and mixologist, Gagan pursued his love for beverages Down under, doing his Masters in Hospitality Management (specialising in wines) from Victoria University, Melbourne. He reserves a soft corner for Australian reds, German Rieslings and Gewürztraminer. As much as he loves to experiment with new cuisines, he also has a taste for adventure – paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, skydiving and playing squash. His interests include blogging, back to back movie spree, cooking for self and travelling. He is a music-fanatic and loves being left alone with his PSP. Beef steak and wine rate high on his agenda as also does a Bourbon and cola.

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  1. Col Ravi Joshi says:

    Definitely a good start to get French Wines to the doorstep(or should I stay finger-tap?)of the customer. But why only French Wines? With many New World varietals giving tough competition to the Old World stalwarts, the consumer can be spoilt for choice- and IT can definitely be a big enabler in achieving this. The software can also incorporate comparison of similar varietals from different regions vis-a-vis price points and value for money,information on vintages, nearest vend where available,online consultancy and so on. It would be great if such application is available across all technology platforms by hosting it on a ‘Cloud’, which is the latest buzzword in the IT domain wherein a centrally deployed application can be accessible by a spectrum of users.

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